Business Planning

Consulting and business planning support for your marijuana business, leveraging the "know how" refined by Natural Resources & Associates through 6+ years of operational experience in the Colorado marketplace.

Grow Consultation

We know how to set-up your facility for the most efficient operation and fastest return on your investment, and have proven facility designs that give you an edge on the competition.

Dispensary Layout & Design

Our team will collaborate with your local architects\contractors to develop an optimal design and construction plan to meet all IBC and zoning codes and support the Variable Capacity Continuous Harvest model.

Security Services

With 10 years experience in law enforcement, 20 years in personnel protection and security, & 6+ years in the marijuana industry, NR&A provides services needed to become licensed for security work in your state.


As part of our license agreement, Natural Resources & Associates clients receive training in back office best practices, inventory control, point-of-sale system, manufacturer contacts, cultivation and dispensary staffing, and much more.


All of our clients have access to our state-of-the-art seed to sale software used in our franchise dispensary process. Updates to our systems are made seamless to the users and don't require any downtime from your business.